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January 2016

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What's your 2016 WHY???

Let's start with a confession - my WHY has always been to help start our family and QUIT MY JOB!! But... I've taken it easy so far in my business and haven't gone full force... and guess what? I still have a 9-5 job :( This year, I'm determined to do better and keep my WHY top of mind because I know it will be my motivation to book, sell & sponsor!!! I'm making a vision board (with my hubby who has big goals too) to be a reminder and make sure my head is always in the right place when I'm feeling lazy!

Have you thought about your WHY lately??? I encourage you to sit down tonight for 15 minutes and really think it over - when Dec 31, 2016 rolls around, what do you want to say "I did that!" about this year? Once you've visualized it, I encourage you to find a visual reminder for yourself throughout the year and think about how your S&D business can help you achieve it.

Once you've got your WHY, you'll know how to set your specific goals for the year and break them down month by month.

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Declare & Share your Goals!!

One of my goals this year is to become a better coach for YOU! To do that, I need to know what your goals are - whether they are for the year, Q1 or just January for now.

Do you want to be a STAR Stylist? Maybe you just want to earn your Style Fix each quarter and update your accessories wardrobe? Whatever works for you and your life is great, and I'd love to help you reach them!

You don't have to share your goals publicly, but please share them (or your thoughts about what you MIGHT want) with me so I can do my part to help you get there :)

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Now take action!

You know your WHY, you've got your goals, now let's get out there to make it happen!

Go back to all those Dot Dollar earners and customers in 2015 to offer a debut Spring collection trunk show!!

And touch base with your 2015 hostesses about the January sign-up special!!

Set up a coaching call with me to discuss more strategies :)

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A gift for you!

You're going to need to update that display to rock & roll this year... Lucky for you, if you qualified in December, the brand new Wanderer will be coming your way next week!

And don't forget that if you earned your Style Fix coupon (!!!), you'll be shopping at a HUGE discount on the Spring Collection when sampling opens on Friday!!

Spring 2016 Rally!

Join us this Monday at our monthly stylist meeting! We will see the ENTIRE Spring Collection - and we will be celebrated as a SENIOR STYLIST TEAM! WOO HOO!!

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