Toe Reading

Near Portland, OR 4/18/13 - 4 pm - 8 pm! $15 for 15 minutes!

What is Toe Reading?

The art of Toe Reading is one of my favorite methods to help others heal. Toe Reading is about looking at the way your toes are shaped and interpreting the signs to help you remember your soul’s passion. Each toe has the responsibility of recording different aspects of your life. I use this information to help you see if you are on your path regarding career, relationships, money, trust and can even reveal locked away memories.

Toe Reading! Book an Appointment NOW!

Thursday, April 18th, 4-8pm

486 Northwest 3rd Avenue

Canby, OR

email to book your Toe Reading appointment! 15 minute Toe Readings will be offered. Longer readings available online or by future appointment.

Why have your toes read? It is FUN!

Do you find yourself, at the end of yet another day, of taking care of everyone but yourself asking… “What about me?”

Are you seeking to identify your Life's Purpose?

Would you like to attract more abundance into your life?

These questions and many more can be answered by YOUR toes! Allow me to share the wisdom of your toes with you.

YOU can Learn to Read Toes too! Self-paced class available!

Email to schedule your 15 minute Toe Reading now!

Learn the message from your body via your toes!

The body and mind and share information back and forth. Come learn more about your inner truths as we explore the story of your life! Your toes have much to share! See you soon! Book your appointment early!