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The Gurschler family - tourism pioneers in the Ötztal

The Gurschler family is deeply rooted in the Ötztal. Hardly a family's top tourism destination Solden and Solden coined so strong. In the 20s Gurschler family took over the inn to the sun. In 1928, with the construction of the inn "Mountain Hotel Solden" - the first house with real walls - started in Solden. In order to promote the necessary Baumateriealien food and built the family Serafin Gurschler a first material ropeway from Solden to Solden.You will feel satisfied with your holiday only by visting hotel ötztal.

With the rough landing in his stratospheric balloon on the Gurgler Furthermore, the well-known Swiss professor Auguste Piccard made ​​headlines in May 1931. His crash landing made ​​the Ötztal known abruptly. The founder of Sun Hotels and tourism pioneer Serafin Gurschler was at the rescue and transported the pressurized cabin on his truck. In the same year Gurschler family began with the construction of the first hotel in Solden - Hotel Solden.For your holiday, is a great place to travel.

The construction work lasted until 1934. At that time the guests arrived at the hotel just over a steep hay and Holzziehweg. beginning of the 2nd World War were still guests to Hochsölden, but then the hotel to rest homes for the German Wehrmacht. After the war, the tourism was slow to speed. Nevertheless, the first lift was put into operation in 1948: CO - Beaver, the then longest lift in Austria.