Jacob Logan

By: Blake anderson

Jacob logan

Jacob is my idol because hes amazing at everything he does and he works hard to do those things and achieve goals.

Amazing person

Jacob was an overall amazing person. Jacob knew that he was a good mentor and role model. He did what he could to help people and make them laugh. Everyone liked him because he was a loyal person. Hes my inspiration because of that.

Amazing Athlete

Jacob is an amazing athlete because he worked hard at everything he did which is why he is my idol and inspiration. He was a person that could change sports history if he wanted. He had the skill to do it and he changed high school history.

Kind person

He was a kind person, because he was always generous with people and never cursed or simply because nobody wanted. He was a great believer in God and attended IBC for Sunday services. Everyone always says good things about him before and after his death.
Jacob Logan Class of 2013 Ath - Coppell

My inspiration

Jacob has giving me the inspiration to work hard to be a better athlete and a better person. Jacob is an overall better person than all of us. He has made our lives better at everything.