Scientific Revolution

It changes everything

Little to Big things

The scientific revolution brought about the change from little to no knowledge about the world to having some insight on the formation of the world and its surroundings. Before the revolution, theories such as the geocentric theory arose. These were made by mere observations. With the scientific revolution,false theories such as these were corrected. The revolution clarified many thing and opened the eyes of many.


The scientific revolution could not have been successful without the curiosity of people. scientists such as Isaac Newton, Galileo, Johannes Kepler,and Nicolaus Copernicus, gave great inputs on the theories that would further develop our world today.

Isaac Newton

Isaac newton who was born in England, heard of the ideas coming from the eastern europe and became interested. He had many ideas, one of which was an argument that challenged the geocentric theory. He also came up with various other theories that included the laws of gravity and motion and he also expanded the scope of mathematics.


Known as the father of modern science, Galileo was the first to examine the heavens(outer space) through a telescope. He also made discoveries about motion. Later on in his life, he learned about the invention of the telescope and made his own. With his telescope, he discovered Jupiter had four moons, and also came up with theories to support copernicus' heliocentric theory.


Other scientists involved in the revolution were Copernicus and Kepler. Copernicus argued against the geocentric theory ,saying that the model didn't explain the movement in the sky. Kepler's theories later proved this to be right. his theories were that :

  1. planets move in elliptical orbits around the sun
  2. planets move faster as their orbits approach the sun
  3. the time it takes a planet to orbit the sun is proportional to the sun

how did the change impact the society?

during the time of the revolution, there wasn't that much of an impact as most people could hardly comprehend the ideas being thrown. though there were breakthroughs in biology and astronomy, it didn't seem to register with the people as they still seeked the help of astrologers and other religious bodies. later on,as people began to open their minds to the change, things were invented and breakthroughs in that time were made.

how is that changed evidenced in today's society?

today, because of the scientific revolution, we have major breakthroughs in science and technology also. there are inventions that use the idea of gravity and other forces(newton), motion and time(Galileo), also studies of space involving telescopes, thanks to Galileo. because of the revolution, we have also had serious changes in the biology field. sicknesses can be cured and the human body can be understood a lot more than what it was before.
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