Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - May 3

Teacher Appreciation Week

Whomever decided teacher appreciation week should be placed in early May was a genius! It is well-deserved anytime, but is especially nice right now because we know what these next few weeks will bring. So let me take this opportunity to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making Lakeview the best place for our students! Here are a few ways to celebrate YOU during Teacher Appreciation Week:

Manic Monday - the PTO will provide breakfast (yogurt parfait bar, pastries, juice, coffee, and tea)

We are FORTUNEate for you - Chris is catering in Chinese for lunch for everyone. I hope your fortune cookie is a good one! PTO will provide snacks and drinks. (Yes, I know I spelled "fortunate" wrong ...)

Wednesday - The week is half over! Power up with veggies at the make-your-own Salad Bar, provided by the PTO. It's a Buck's Spirit wear day, too - If you have any Milwaukee Bucks gear, wear it for game 5 of the series today.

Thursday - Enjoy the ice cream sundae bar, provided by the PTO.

Friday - Wooo Hooo it’s finally Friday! This fiesta is for You!! Thank you, for all that you do!! Enjoy the nacho bar, provided by the PTO. It's a Lakeview Spirit wear day, too - wear your Lakeview gear.

Teacher Creativity

John Spencer is a leading figure in design thinking for educators and students. I had the opportunity to spend a day with him two years ago. He wrote this blog post about the different types of teacher creativity. This blog post recently helped me realize that our definition of teacher creativity is too narrow. I think we all fit into at least one of these categories - probably more than one. The work of being a teacher is multi-faceted, and we need all types of creative teachers in order to create the future our students need. Where do you see yourself in this chart?

Looking Ahead

Please look ahead at the staff Google calendar. At this time of year, there is simply too much to put into this small space.

Monday, May 6

TechLab Day with Tammy for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers

Our new superintendent, Dr. Weiss, may be visiting schools on this afternoon

Tuesday, May 7

Invention Convention in the gym from 1-3 p.m.

Social Studies Leadership Team 4-5 p.m.

Wednesday, May 8

Lakeview Staff Meeting 7:15-8:15 a.m. (EE and Class lists)

Thursday, May 9

4th grade to the Milwaukee Art Museum

Lakeview's Trauma Sensitive Team Meeting 3:45-4:30 p.m.

SMEA Retirement Dinner

Friday, May 10

Girls on the Run practice 5K

Monday, May 13

PD Day

Tuesday, May 14

Retiree Luncheon!

5th grade visit to Middle School

District Character Ed team 4-5 p.m.

Thursday, May 16

Last PTO meeting of the year from 5:30-6:30 in the library. Please be sure you've attended one meeting or after-school event this year. The May meeting will include officer elections and new playground equipment discussions.

May 16-17

5th grade camp

School Supply List

It has been quite a process to create a common school supply list for all four elementary schools, but it is finished. A few notes:

• As I've mentioned before, you will see some things on your list you are not expecting and you will notice some things might be missing that you've had in the past . All in all, I compared your requests to the new list and it is fairly close.

• Some things that are no longer on the list include snacks (we could ask for donations in a back-to-school newsletter), paper towels, and scissors. "Scissors" you say? We will buy every teacher a classroom set of scissors out of the building budget to keep in your classroom. If you already have a set of classroom scissors, let me know.

• The same way many of you pool your classroom supplies, we will pool many items as a school. We can create some central locations for tissue, ziplocs, cleaning wipes, etc. so that even if your students are not bringing them in, you are free to take from the pool.

• If you and your grade-level partner(s) look at the list and say, "But we really needed ______ ," please talk to me. I will find building budget money for it.

Here is a link to the new school supply list.

Structural Items

MAP Testing Dates - Please enter your MAP testing dates on this document. All MAP testing should be completed by May 10 (including make-up testing).

Room map for next year - click here for link

Specials Rotation for 2019-2020 - click here for link

Furniture/Room concerns - As you contemplate room needs for next year, please add your thoughts to this document. This could be furniture needs, Smartboard moves, or anything else Jeff and I need to know. It's not a shopping list - please see me if purchases are needed.

Scholastic & NatGeo Periodicals - We will order Scholastic for 4K through 3rd. We will not be ordering NatGeo next year.

Family newsletter - Link to this week's family newsletter

Elementary Blackout Dates - Here is a link to the calendar

May 8 Staff Meeting

Our staff meeting on May 8th will have a dual purpose - EE expectations and class list development. Here is a little info:

Here is a list of possible artifacts for each standard. There are certainly others.

• Please think about the idea of a "high leverage artifact" which means an artifact which can meet multiple standards.

• Class list development - I will explain how the process will work and we will take time to start developing lists during the meeting.

From the bookroom team

Many thanks to the bookroom team, under the leadership of Mrs. DeBruin, for their work to stay proactive on the bookroom. Now that our bookroom is about 3 months old, perhaps you've had some thoughts about what might make it even more useful to you and/or beneficial to students. Here is a link to a document to list your ideas for the team.

Seclusion & Restraint Reporting

Recently, the district revised its process for seclusion and restraint reporting. Although seclusion and restraint reporting may be limited to a very small portion of our staff, it is important that all are at least familiar with the process involved. These are complicated situations, and the reporting is complicated for good reason. After a seclusion/restraint event is concluded, the first rule to remember is that a parent/guardian must be informed the same day. I find it essential to use the actual words "seclusion" or "restraint" and not try to sugarcoat anything. For example, "... as a result we had to remove the rest of the class from the room and seclude her" or "... in order to keep him from hurting himself or others, he was restrained."

Coffee or Tea, anyone?

DeLynn Charon and her 18-21 year old students from the high school will be offering a coffee/tea service at Lakeview on Friday, May 17. Expect an email from DeLynn on May 13 or 14. It would cost $1 and then DeLynn and her students would come to Lakeview on the 17th to brew and deliver your beverage.

Photos from this week

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

Big picture