Keli's Smore Flyer

Background About Me

I was born in Kilgore Texas on May 12th, 2002. I have one 10 year-old brother.

Favorite Restaurants

My favorite restaurants are Olive Garden

My Favorite School Year

My favorite school year was 7th grade because of my science teacher, Mr. Jacobs. He made everything fun and easy. We were always doing a project in his class.

My Favorite Color

My Favorite color is green, but its a specific kind of green. I only like neon green. Either neon green or turquoise.

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies is The Maze Runner series , The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials.

My Favorite Books

My favorite books are all the books in the Divergent series. I started reading them at the end of 6th grade, and read them all that summer.

My Favorite Sports Team

My favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. Everyone in my family grew up watching them every Thanksgiving and every Sunday at my uncles house.

My Pets

I have one pet. Its a dog and her name is Chloe. She is pekingese.