A Year in the Life

A photographic Record of Businesses in Carlow in 2013

Local Businesses truly are Local Heroes - providing Local Jobs and driving the Local Economy

The purpose of the project is to record the socio economic importance of all businesses, regardless of size, to the economic well being of the County and it’s citizens.

In the midst of one of the worst recessions the country has faced, the contribution of business deserves to be recognised and recorded. The many small businesses that are the life blood of our economy are often unheralded but each represent a building block of the local economy. This is an initiative to honour and recognise that contribution.

There is a need to put on record the achievement of all these businesses who provide local employment; many of them have done so for decades. It will also be interesting to record the resilience of Irish people through the amount of start-up businesses that have shown tremendous confidence in Carlow in these turbulent times.

The project will reflect that diversity of business and employment in the County, from sole traders to multi nationals, from manufacturers to exporters, from craft to hi tec research and development.

It will include anybody giving employment in all sectors and include Local Government and Local Authorities, the various Agencies, educational bodies, professionals and sports sectors .

The project is being organised by Co Carlow Chamber with the support of the Nationalist.

Each week the Nationalist will feature one business with a photograph of all employees and a short profile about the business.

This will continue right through the year and we will photograph many more than will appear in the weekly edition. Towards the end of the year we will produce a supplement with all the photographs included.

Depending on the success of the Project we would expect to produce a book of historic importance.

We will be approaching businesses BUT if you wish to be sure to be included please contact us NOW and ensure your inclusion.

The first business will be profiled in the Nationalist on Tuesday March 12th.

This is no cost involved - we are honouring your contribution to Carlow.

Would You like to be the First Business profiled?

In business for business

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Fire Safety and Building Regulations

Wednesday, March 6th 2013 at 6:30pm

Talbot Hotel Carlow, Carlow, Ireland

Carlow, Carlow

This is a free event. Very important topic for all who deal with Health & Safety, espceially those in the hospitality, healthcare sectors.