Dog Abuse

By Joy Sun

period 7 Wasser Digital literacy

How can I Create a Presentation That Will Raise Awareness about Dog Abuse?

Dog abuse is when someone hurts a dog either physically or emotionally. There are many different types dog abuse or neglect. I choose dog abuse for my topic because the most common abused animal are dogs and I want to inform others about dog abuse.

Some Facts

  • Every year, breeds like Greyhounds are killed because they can't race anymore or they aren't competitive enough in their speed
  • Millions of dogs are often skinned alive for their fur to make jackets
  • Emotional abuse can be yelling, shouting, or screaming at a dog
  • Some people take their stress out on their dog because they think their dogs can't understand them
  • Leaving a dog outside on a hot day, or especially in a car, can cause brain damage to the dog in as little as 15 minutes

Puppy mills

Puppy mills are facilities that keep dogs in small cages and breeds females over and over again until death. Dogs in puppy mills can spend their whole life in a cramped cage with no space to play or exercise. The food and water provided for the puppies are often contaminated and crawling with bugs. Most puppy mills have no veterinary care, climate control, or protection for the animals from weather like hot, cold, rain, or snow. People that owns puppy mills don't usually care about the dogs but they care more about the money.
There are many types of dog abuse such as grooming neglect, feeding, and environment neglect and also physical and emotional abuse. Abuse against puppies and dogs includes physically hitting the dog, either by hand, or kicking or hitting the dog with an object. Some people does this on purpose to cause the dog pain.

My Opinion

  1. I think dog abuse is cruel and should stop
  2. People that abuse dogs shouldn't get a dog if they treat them badly
  3. I think people should stop killing dogs for their fur
  4. Puppies in puppy mills should not be put in cramped cages for the entire day
Facts About Animal Abuse In America

Why This Video Important

This video is important to my topic because it gives lot's of important information on dog abuse. I learned that South Dakota is the most recent state to make animal abuse a felony.