by Raina Telgemeier

About the book...


Callie goes to Eucalyptus middle school. Callie and her crush she's had since she was little, Greg, kissed!... After that Greg starts ignoring her. Callie was pretty upset, until she met the twins, Justin and Jesse. They became really close friends. Justin tries out for the play and Jesse joins stage crew with Callie. When Justin tells Callie something about him it makes her think differently about him and his brother. What will happen? how will she handle it? Will it affect their friendship?

Man vs. Self

For Callie it seems like it's one problem after another. First, Greg ignores her after they kiss. Then, for the play the cannon might not work. With other troubles along the way Callie has to figure out how to handle them and pull off the play.

Some of the Characters

Stage Crew

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Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

- Japanese Proverb


p. 21 - "He kinda shooed me away from his friends, too. Like he was embarrassed by me or something." - Callie

That was when Greg started ignoring her.

My favorite quote is - "If your trying to make someone jealous you can never let them get the upper hand." - Justin


This is a story about courage, friendship, and how you should always stick by your friends in a time of need.