The X-men Hero's Even In The Worst

Author Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley publish date 4/17/13

Main characters

In my book there ism't really a main charecter there are many of them there is scott logan Emma hank and kitty. They are all kind of the main charicters. all those charicters are mutants with specil abillitys scott has lazzer vision logan has a metal skeliten and can heal super fast kitty can walk through walls and other objects emma turns to indistructible bimmand and can read minds and hank is just an animal. Also as mutants they know that there are other helpless mutants out there unprotected hurt unrespected and fought againsed so they all work in a school for the gifted. And together they are the X-men.


The X-men all teachers at a bording school for mutants teaching differant kids to control there powers. But there are people out there are people out there who want to hurt kill or even (normalize) the mutants (Ord). so all these mutant teachers (The X-men) have this Jet that they use for missions like the one in the book. "cure for mutation" so the X-men go to the HQ of the cure to fight for there freedom.
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There is a new cure for Mutants out there and it will be forced upun them if they don't ack fast. But some mutants want this cure, but to get a cuer it costs. In order to get this cure they take and experiment on innocent mutants.


As my Quote i have two vary short sentences that describe one main character.

Pg 1 "I am All alone." and Pg 339 "I am no longer alone." and this describes how she over came here fear and loneliness through the book.


On a scale 1-10 I would say 8 because I really like the movies and this has the same same characters as that. and the book i really liked it. It didn't take to long to get to the idea. and i liked the idea it was an entertaining story. I also liked the charater's were all likable.

Somebody who likes action books and needs to be entertained start to finish.