Concentration Camps

Ashley Knopp Academic 3

The many people of the Holocaust had to go through so much to survive, they were put in gas chambers, killed, and and sometimes starved. Six million Jewish people died in the mass murder by the Nazis. Over 200,000 people were Holocaust killers. This horrible event occurred during 1941-1945. Of those 6 million Jews, most of them were sent to severe concentration camps. In the process of this tragic event, it didn't happen all at once, there were many stages to this issue.

The brutal concentration camps were first established in 1933, following WWI. For Jews to get from one camp to another, their transportation was traveling in dirty, old, cramped freight trains. After a while Jewish people were tired of the nonsense, so they tried to fight back, but Hitler fought even harder! The millions of Jewish people hated being moved around all the time, though they had no choice but to follow the orders of Adolf, and his 200,000 soldiers. Since most of the Jews knew they were never going to last, they didn't want to go to many different camps thinking that would be "the one". The genocide was a horror from Hitler, and everyone knew it!

The millions of victims from the Holocaust who suffered, were sent to the terrible concentration camps. Two hundred thousand people participated in the genocide, and 6 million people were affected by them. The mass murder was in control completely by Hitler, and his "crew", the Nazis. Any Holocaust related events wish to never be continued in the future, and everyone should be treated fairly no matter there race.