Eco tourism

Bauthier Hugo & Bernard Sacha 3rd-F

7 top tips to practise eco tourism

Nowadays many people try to live in a way that will damage the environment as little as possible:

  • We recycle our newspapers and bottles
  • We take public transports to get to work
  • We buy locally produced fruit and vegetables
  • We don't use aerosol sprays....


7 top tips to practise Eco tourism or responsible tourism.

1 Conserve the wildlife and culture of the area.

  • Buy local products

2 Be sure that profit that is made is a profit without destroying natural resources.

  • Stay in local houses with local people or in local hotels.
  • Eat in local restaurants (Don't drink an imported gin and tonic in front of a private beach!)

3 Don't waste resources.

  • If the area doesn't have much water, don't have two showers every day!

4 Leave nothing behind you except footprints.

  • Take care of the places that you visit as much as you take of your own home.

5 Walk or use other non-polluting forms of transport whenever you can.

6 Don't remember that "ECO" is very fashionable today and a lot of holidays that are advertised as eco tourism are not much better than traditional holidays , so check the programme suggested by your travel agent.

7 Think about how you are going to get to your dream "eco" paradise.

  • Flying is one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxyde in the atmosphere. You don't have to fly to exotic locations for your "eco" holidays.

There are probably places of natural beauty and interest in your own country that

you've never visited.

Enyoy your Eco Holiday !