90% of Ivisan, Capiz is Down

500 families need food and water!


Not all of Capiz has been reached by aid. One of the Yolanda affected areas where little help has been is in Barangay Basiao, a coastal barangay in Ivisan, Capiz. The community badly needs water and rice right now. The current price of drinking water has gone up, from Php30 to Php80. Ordinarily, a family can only afford to buy one container. And supply could be running out soon.

Capiz needs your help. Donate food, water or cash if you can. Any amount of help is very much appreciated. The least you can do is spread the word. Please share this flyer.

First Relief Op in Basiao!

See pictures of your help in action here.

Basiao says: THANK YOU!

500 packs of goods made from cash & kind donations collected from classmates, family & friends. 413 packs distributed for five sitios: Palanas I, Palanas II, Looc, Baybay & Basiao Proper.

Still waiting for additional donations for last two sitios (Dinugmaan & Marangkalan) of about 200 families. For those concerned cash donors, for liquidation of expenses of your donations just message Zyby.

Contact Zyby if you want to donate

A Capizeño is humbly asking for your donations in cash or in kind. Most people in Barangay Basiao are her relatives. Every week, her family will try to get 20 to 30 containers of drinking water for the people of Basiao. She can't do it alone; she needs your help.

Zyby Unasin

Capiz photo from here.

For your donations in cash, please send thru BPI:

Account Name: Zyby C. Unasin
Account Number: 1349 3020 86