How Computer Work

Done By: Linah Darwish

Hard Drive

A hard drive is a device that stores data. It can contain more than 100GB of data. It storages all the data in the computer.


It stands for “random access memory”. It’s a piece in the computer where all the data in the currents use are there.

Operation System

The operation system manages all the programs on the computer. It manages all the stuff going on inside of the computer.

The four generations of computers

The first generation (1946-1959).

There used to be no operation system. The first generation computers were made out of about 18000 vacuum tubes. The computers were very huge. mostly calculatinos for math were made on the computers.

The second generation (1960-1964).

The transistor were invented after the vacuum tubes. The transistors were used in devices like radios, television sets, and computers. the machines for the second generations were programmed in languages such as (Common Business Oriented Language) and (Formula Translator).

The third generation (1964-1970).

the computers of the third generation were based on integrated circuit technology. the computers were used cientific and business applications.

The fourth generation (1971-1980)

its based on the microprocessor. Microprocessor technology is found in all modern computers.