Give Smore a Try!

A Smore report from Caitlin Jacobson, Ketchikan

Learning about Smore

So I decided to use Smore to make one of my ALA grant reports for AkASL, and then before I knew what I was doing, I decided to use Smore on all of them! And of course, I then thought I'd better tell you more about Smore...

I started using Smore after the School Librarian Leadership Academy during summer 2014. We were so lucky to have Shannon McClintock Miller, school librarian extraordinaire, introduce us to many tech tools, including Smore.

I've used in a few times now, and my favorite Smore poster was for an annual report for my school library. Take a look here.

Coughing up the dough for PRO, and Educator Hive

Paying the fee for the PRO version really made the tool more effective. Options for saving, printing, and designing are greatly improved. Educator Hive is new this year, and makes sharing posters and ideas a breeze. Many completed posters are library and tech related, so looking them over is productive and thought provoking! The link is below!