Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main characters

Jacob Gutgel was eight years old when he was taken in by Alex and Mela Roslan in their apartment in Warsaw, Poland. Alex and Mela Roslan both knew the consequences of hiding a Jew if you were caught during WWII. Jacob was very brave, and very patient. The only time he could go outside was when he was going to a doctor because of a fever.


The story takes place during WWII in Warsaw, Poland. this story tells you about the struggles of everyday life during the Holocaust. Soldiers were not the only ones being injured and killed, innocent civilians were too. This lets you inside the lives of a family who took in jews and cared for them when no one else would. Some extraordinary families took in people who would be killed in death camps.

Quote: "Jacob protected his aunt too: he never let her know that he had seen death." This is an important quote because it shows that death was everywhere during the holocaust.


Alex and Mela Roslan deserve the award because they took in Jacob, Sholom, and later David. They did their best to keep them safe, hiding Jacob from nosy neighbors, hiding them from the gestapo. Even though they had little to give, they still gave. When jacob had to have a surgery on his ear, Alex sold their appartment for the money, So the infection wouldnt spread and kill him.