All bout myself

Cesar Del Rio

Facts about me.

I'm 13 years old. I love to sing & listen to music. I only listen to rap, cause I don't really like other genres. I'm not saying that other music besides rap is bad, i just don't like it. I love to play my ps3. Don't have a girlfriend yet </3. My favorite color's gold. It's been my favorite since I was a kid. I love chill & rap & do stuff with my friends for my free time I don't really like to watch t.v, the only time I do watch it is at night before i go to bed. I have no bed time really I just pass out when ever I want. I LOVE ODD FUTURE. If you dont know what odd future is it's a rap group. One of the reasons why I like them is the beats they make & there super crazy.

More boring stuff about me

I am the type of guy who doesn't really care about anything. Like i'm not saying I don't care about anything at all, I just don't care about alot of things. I don't do any sports. But I have alot of friends tho.

My birthday <3

Thursday, Sep. 30th 1999 at 12am

700 South Park Street

Madison, WI

This is my birthday <3 I was born in saint mary hospital...