Wild Life

By Camden Peery

Erik Carlson and his best friend Patrick have just passed their hunter safety test. Erik has plans to go hunting with his best friend Patrick, his best friend's dad, and their dog Hot Spot next weekend. Erik's life is going great, until he comes home to his parents sitting on the couch wanting to talk to him. His parents tell him they have been deployed to Iraq. Both of them. Erik will have to go to North Dakota to live with his grandparents he has only met a few times before when he was young. When he gets there he is met by his grandma, Oma, and his not very happy looking grandpa, Big Darrell. He is not living a great life anymore until one day he finds his new furry best friend in the barn. His furry friend has a face full of porcupine needles. He helps the dog back to health. He loves this dog more then anything. He gives the dog a name, Quill. He has never had a dog before, mostly not a hunting dog like this one. Big Darrell says the dog has to go in the morning. But Erik will do anything to keep his new friend. And so he does.

About the author.

Cynthia DeFelice is the author of Wild Life. On a cold and snowy night in 1951 Cynthia was born. Cynthia's father, William Carter, was a psychiatrist. Cynthia's mother, Ann Carter, was an English teacher, until she started raising her brothers and sisters and her. Her mother read to the four of them almost every night. She’s the one who made Cynthia love books and stories and is the reason why she is a writer. When she was younger she never dreamed to be a writer. It wasn’t until 1987, when she was 36 years old, that she decided to try writing a book.