From Peanuts to Peanut Butter

By: Avery Greimann 3AC


Have you wondered how peanut butter is made?


The first step of making peanut butter is the farm. The peanuts are planted in a farm and they also get harvest. Peanuts are planted after April when soil tempters up. A shelled peanut or kerne also a seed . The kerne are planted tow inches apart then they sprout. About ten days flowers from about forty days after painting and plotting them self then fall off.


People have have factory and melt the nuts. Then they put shurger in the peanuts.


The factory sells the peanut butter to the store the store sells it to the people how bye it.

Fun facks

A tracter pulls a machine called Combine. The Combine helps harvis the peanut butter.
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