Anthology Projecct

By: Stephanie Garcia

About the writer:

Stephanie is a freshman attending Eaton High School. Her hobbies include writing poems in her spare time and reading realistic fiction books. She was inspired to write poems after her astounding teacher, Ms.Summers, taught the class about poems. Ever since then she has written poems non-stop.

Where I'm From

I am from popcorn, from tv remotes, and soccer balls.

I am from the small family, loud dog barks when strangers past by, and walking into my house and smelling a dog.

I am from the bluebonnets, the longhorns.

I am from cookouts and curly hair, from Nancy and Garcia and Vazquez.

I am from the talking and eating.

From "if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all'' and ''nothing is impossible.''

I am from only going to church on Sunday mornings when I'm at my dad's house.

I'm from Dallas, steak and cake.

From the stories of all the mischievous things I did to my little cousin from smashing his finger on the door and getting him to get in the tub full of water with new shoes.

I am from the pictures scattered through out the office and kept in photo albums, the storage room appreciating the value they have that no one outside the family will ever understand.


Moving meant starting over.

Moving meant a new house.

Moving meant leaving all my friends.

Moving was the thing I was most afraid of, but

it turned out being something great.

Moving created new friendships.

Moving created new memories.

Moving no longer seems so bad after all.

Circle (it was in a circle and I tried like 5 times to make it stay but every time I click done it makes it go back to the regular structure. The circle represents a track.)

As I stand in line

with a few hundred girls by my side my thoughts race. When

the gun goes off all I think is how bad I want to beat every girl there.

Soon the sweat starts to pour down my face. My legs soon feel weak. I can faintly hear everyone cheering me on. All I can think about is how much

I want to pass the girl in front of me. Every so often I wipe the sweat from my face. Soon all I hear is cheering. I'm at the finish line, it all comes down to

this. The finish line is right there, and as I think about every early morning practice, and every ''push yourself from my coach, I realize it all

was worth it, once I reach the finish line.

Ode to My Popcorn

POP! POP! POP! The microwave delivers

One of the greatest inventions known to


As I put the cheddar cheese on the popcorn

All I can do is think of how great the popcorn


What would the be like without popcorn?

The butter and cheese would no longer

have a bestfriend.

As I stuff my face with the popcorn I can

Feel the butter melting in mouth.

My taste buds jump for joy as my nose

tells them it smells popcorn.

I could never watch a criminal minds episode or

A movie without it.

Popcorn will always have a special place in my


Popcorn could never disappoint you.

Popcorn will always be your bestfriend.

Point of this ode:

To express how much I love popcorn and how much it means to me

Strange Boy

There is a boy.

He walks around in just underwear.

He brings great joy.

He has an arrow and with success,

He'll shoot you while he's in the air.

He has his own holiday.

He comes once a year so he's very rare.

Hopefully that day isn't a Monday.

Usually on this day you get presents,

from you're special Valentine.

It makes you spend all your cents.

i hope you spend you're night, watching the moonshine.

But if you don't have a date,

You'll be at home all by yourself which is okay.


My favorite poem to write was the structure poem because it just came naturally and I didn't really have to try. But the rest of the poems were extremely hard to write and it just gave me a headache. Once i knew what was I was doing and were my poem was going it became a little easier. The things that inspired me were mainly sports and popcorn. I hope the people who read my poems realize what is important to me through reading them. Except for the sonnet, I made everything up because I couldn't think of what to write and it was really hard.