I Am


A few things about me

  • I have 2 sisters,and 1 brother.MY older sister Christa lives with her dad in Ocean shores,Washington.My younger brother and sister, Richard and Danielle live with my mom in Shelton, Washington.
  • I live with my dad in Kilgore,Texas.I have 2 cousins Emree and Evlyn, Emree is 2 and Evlyn is 9 months.
  • I spent most of my life with my mom,and now I live with my dad many miles away from my mom.
  • I have a big family,in Washington it felt like every were I went someone in my family was around. My family is a lot of gangs, street gangs,biker gangs,etc.....

My thoughts..................

I really don't see my self being any thing big,but I want to help animals.Animals only protect them self's against things they think read danger to them.A dog can know if you're scared,or a good or bad person.They also are protective for a child,family,etc..

A car I like is a Mustang,but I only like a few of them . I'm not a person who go "crazy" about cars,or things like cars. But I do like a good looking car like any other person in the world.

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is the best singer ever (well it think so)
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Actors of my life.....................

The few best actors in the WORLD!(I think so)