News for the week of March 9, 2015

LMC Lab & Classroom Schedule

Click here to see this week's schedule or view the LMC Reservations Calendar in your shared drive. Visitors this week include:
    • PARCC Testing
    • Mrs. Lewis & Mrs. Miller with study hall
    • Mr. Welle with Expository Writing
    • GACME Club
    • Mrs. Schweitzer with Health
    • Pins & Needles Club
    • Mrs. Springmire's Quilting Class
    • Mrs. Mock with Advanced Studio Art
    • Ms. Wessell with World Geography

    Please send an email ASAP if your plans have changed.

    The Rotary Reading Challenge ends today!

    Captains need to submit their Week Three data on the LMC Edline page by 3:05 today. The long list of final prizes will be announced tomorrow in the LMC display cases.

    Thank you for reading, wearing the T-shirt, and encouraging our students!

    The 2015 Abe Award

    Voting for the Abraham Lincoln Reader's Choice Book Award is happening in high schools around the state this month. RTHS voters have spoken, and Winger by Andrew Smith won at our school. The state-wide winner will be announced later this month.

    If you see Katelyn Gabbard, please congratulate her. She is only the third student at RTHS to read all of the 22 nominated books in one year, and Katelyn has earned a Barnes & Noble gift card.

    Prom Dress/Picture Contest

    With Prom tickets going on sale soon, it's time for our Prom Dress/Picture Contest. Matching the staff member to the Prom fashion has been a lot of fun over the years. We had 10 entries in 2012. If you want to join in this year, please drop off your dress or photo by March 20. The contest will run from March 30-April 2.