Roman Military


The Roman military first started as just farmer soldiers, until Marius changed the soldiers into the first ever professional army. Marius made it easy for people to be recruited into the army, also he changed it to where the people were more loyal to there Generals instead of Rome. The General Augustus changed the 25 different legions under him from service times from 6 to 20 years of service. Witch led to a strong army.

They also considers themselves to be the sons of the god of war.


The main Roman weapon was the Gladius, the Gladius was the short swords they used mainly for stabbing and slashing in close range.

The Pilum was also one of the main Roman weapons, the Pilum was a heavy javelin. It could be used for stabbing or throwing, they were trained to throw them up to 98 feet. The Pilum was one of the main reasons the Roman military was so strong and one of the main fractures for there success.

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Being the most powerful and successful army at that time, they owned allot of land. On the Mediterranean and expanded around the city of Rome, they held the largest amount of land in the ancient world, and had almost 20% of the worlds population.
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Due to there large amount of land they had internal decay, and also the consent barbarian invasions, lead to the downfall of Rome.