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Parent-Family Newsletter - January 5, 2023

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School Calendar - CLICK HERE

The complete Triton Public Schools calendar can be accessed here.

Upcoming Athletics + Activities Calendar

Upcoming game and activity schedules can be accessed here.

School Communications

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Snow Days

Any additional snow days will be eLearning Days.

  1. Students should log into their Infinite Campus Portal to submit their attendance.
  2. Academic work will be posted to Schoology (THS) or Google Classroom (TMS) by 10:00 AM.
  3. Teachers will also post an online meeting to answer questions from 10 AM - 12 PM.

How to Submit Virtual Attendance

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Review Semester 2 Schedules

It is important that students and families review their semester 2 schedules for THS, and Quarter 3 schedules for TMS. Schedules will not be printed but can be accessed via the Infinite Campus Portal. Check out the graphic below for additional information.
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Tenth Graders Attend the Respect Retreat

We believe that to do well academically, students need to be comfortable with who they are and feel physically and emotionally safe. In an effort to continue to enhance a culture that is caring and welcoming, we welcomed Youth Frontiers to facilitate a Respect Retreat with our Tenth Graders on December 20. The Respect Retreat is a day for students to experience what school would be like if everyone was respected, and to challenge them to respect themselves and others.

Since 1987 Youth Frontiers, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, has been delivering programs to build positive school communities that help young people realize the importance of respecting themselves and others. Their vision is to change the way young people treat each other in every hallway, lunch line, and classroom of every school in America so that today’s young people make tomorrow’s world better. Last year, Youth Frontiers worked with nearly 100,000 students and educators throughout the country.

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Respect Retreat

More information on the Respect Retreat can be accessed here.

END of Semester Reminders

Although the end of the semester is a few weeks away, time will continue to move very quickly and we wanted to make sure and share some important reminders for the end of the semester.

The end of the semester can be a very exciting time and also a very stressful time. It is always appreciated when families connect with their children and discuss current levels of learning and what needs to be done before the end of the semester. Any parents needing Infinite Campus grade book access are encouraged to contact the high school office or middle school office. Parents are also encouraged to reach out to any teachers as questions arise. We want to make sure and communicate in advance to promote a partnership established on trust and accountability and we want to avoid surprises at the end of the grading period.

Friday, January 20 (3:30 PM) - Semester one grades will be available in Infinite Campus

Monday, January 23 - Report cards mailed

Friday, February 3 - Incompletes must have a grade assigned

Students in current activities with a failing grade "F" at the semester will be ineligible to compete until Saturday, February 4. Students with an incomplete will be ineligible until Saturday, February 4, or until they receive a passing grade.

Please contact Mr. Lutterman with questions.

Mr. Lutterman - THS Principal

(507) 418-7520

Student Missing Assignments - Guide

We have received some questions from families about what assignments are missing and how they can best support their children. Each week on Tuesday (THS) and Wednesday (TMS) a missing assignment report will be via email.

Please access the information below to view this report at any time.

Secure Office Entrances

In an effort to increase safety and security, we now have a buzz in system to enter the elementary, middle, and high school offices. This system has a doorbell feature that is located outside each office door. When arriving, please press the doorbell and an administrative assistant will unlock the door. You should hear a click when the door is open.

MHS Red Cross Blood Drive

A special thank you goes out to the Triton Chapter of the Minnesota Honor Society and its Advisor, Mrs. Horejsi, for sponsoring a local blood drive. Overall 40 units were collected and 18 units were from first-time donors.

ACT Prep Course - Last Chance

Attention Juniors & Families!

We wanted to reach out to make sure you were aware of the upcoming ACT Prep Course. Our ACT Prep Course will help students review and understand concepts that will be addressed on the test. Students will also become familiar with the test-taking format and will have an opportunity to take a scored practice test. Please take a minute to review the information below. Feel free to reach out to Mr. Lutterman with questions.

What - ACT Prep Course, 11 sessions including a practice test
When - Begins on January 12, 7:00 - 7:55 AM. The complete calendar is listed below.
How - Sign Up Via the Registration Form Below.$50 enrollment fee by the first day of class. Scholarships will be available. Please see Mr. Lutterman for scholarship information.

Registration Deadline - Was supposed to be December 22, but we will allow new students to add up until 3:30 PM on Thursday, January 5.

Resources at TMS-THS

We have many services in place to help meet the needs of all students and families. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the services listed below.

Middle School (507) 418-7510

High School (507) 418-7520

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Cobra Kindness

COBRA KINDNE$$ is an account that was started by the Triton Taher/Kitchen Staff

to help families that are unable to pay balances for school lunches only (ala carte

items will NOT be covered by this account-those items are the family’s

responsibility-have a conversation with your child if this is an issue). As much as

we would like this account to cover the full cost of meals for every family in

financial need, the funds just are not there. Right now, while funds are available,

we will match your payment (up to $100) that you have added to your student’s

account. Example: If you send in $50.00, we will match that and apply another

$50.00 to your account. To do this, families would need to contact Misty L. by

phone or email, to see if they qualify. All conversations are confidential.

COBRA KINDNE$$ is taking donations!! Currently, the account is very low in

funds. If you or a business would like to donate, you can do so by check or money

order. Please make checks payable to TRITON and in the memo line be sure to put

COBRA KINDNE$$ Account. Thank you and we appreciate all donations for our

Triton students!

Please contact me with any questions!

Misty Langley-Food Service Director


Health Office Updates

As students and their families get out and about to different events and gatherings, it is inevitable that germs and viruses come along. The health office is reaching out to make all our families aware that we are seeing an increase in a variety of illnesses at school. These include COVID, influenza, RSV, STREP, Hand/Foot/Mouth Disease, vomiting/diarrhea, and Mononucleosis. This message is going out to encourage families to keep students home if they are ill, encourage good handwashing practices, cover coughs and sneezes, and help to prevent the further spread of illnesses by watching for new symptoms.

The exclusion guidelines for specific symptoms or illnesses are listed on the Triton website under Health Services Policies and Protocols. As always, Tess and Andrea are always available and happy to help with specific questions! Thank you all for your understanding and assistance as we try to keep everyone healthy and engaged in the classroom! Happy Holidays from the Health Office!

Tessa Ogren,

Andera Possehl,

Substitute Teachers Needed

We are always in need of substitute teachers. You can be a substitute teacher without having an educational degree. Our teachers leave great sub plans and we will help you every step of the way.

If you or someone you know is interested, I encourage you to explore getting a short call sub license with the Minnesota Department of Education.

Please contact Luke Lutterman with questions.

(507) 418-7520

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Digital Tools Used at Triton

Triton Public Schools uses a variety of digital tools to support student learning. Technology vendors and software are utilized to support work as we help all students develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We have an inventory of our curriculum, testing, and assessment tools posted at and include an outline of the student data elements within each tool. This list is maintained and communicated annually to all families at the start of the school year.

Please reach out to Technology Coordinator Rebecca Goossens ( or Technology Integrationist Coltt Ullom ( for additional questions regarding specific digital tools used in classrooms.


Triton Public Schools

Triton Live Streaming

Live-streamed games and activities can be found on the Triton Activities YouTube channel. You can also go back and watch previous games and events.

Thank you for tuning in and for supporting our athletes and activity participants.

Speak Up For Safety!

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