Kidsafe - Farm Safety

By Evie Massee


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Why is a Farm a Hazardous Area for a Child?

The general environment of a farm is a healthy and positive area for a child, but it is just a hazardous, and a child should be watched with precaution in order to make sure they aren't in any hazardous situations around the farm. There are different factors that can cause injury, illness or death to the child and can be avoided by watching over the child in the farm and to also childproof the areas.

What are Four Safety Concerns Relating to Children Safety in Farms?

The key aspects of a farm that can cause harm and danger to the child are:

  • Drowning in ponds, dams, creeks or in any part of the farm that contain large areas of water.
  • Farm machinery or tools that can cause serious injury or even death to the child.
  • Any farming vehicles, like quad bikes, have a chance of causing harm to the child.
  • All farm animals, including horses and cows, can cause injury, illness or death to the child.

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10 Safety Rules to Follow While Your Child is on the Farm

  • Make sure children are separated by the animals by fences, gates etc.
  • Children should also be separated by the vehicles and machinery when they are operating.
  • If children wish to ride the horses, make sure the horse available is a well trained, quieter horse or even a pony to ensure that the child is riding a safe horse.
  • Make sure children are distant from the more aggressive animals on the farm, like bulls.
  • Like riding motorbikes, make sure that the child is wearing safety gear, such as riding boots and a helmet.
  • Watch over your children with precaution while around water.
  • Like in normal pools, teach the children to swim and safety rules around the dams, ponds etc.
  • Make sure hay stacks are on even ground, so there isn't a chance of it moving from its original position.
  • Ensure that your children wash there hands after handling or patting an animal so they are prevented from getting an illness or disease.
  • Make sure that tractors, quad bikes and other vehicles are parked on flat, even ground, preventing them from rolling or moving.

Final Safety Concern

A safety concern that has come to my attention is allowing children to physically hurt, or even just touching, an animal on the farm and the animal reacts, and as a result, the child is hurt, and in some previous situations, the animal is blamed for an action a child committed. So, in order for this safety hazard to resolve, the owners of the children, farm and animals should separate the child from the animal and to not handle it in any sort of way, especially punching, kicking etc. in order to prevent injury to both the animal and child. If the animal hurts the child, accidentally, from an action the child committed, the animal should not be blamed, due to the fact that they could become spooked and react with a kick or jump and that is their reaction to someone or something hurting them. To conclude this concern that I have addressed, a child should be separated from the animals in order to prevent injury to both the child and animal.