Elena's Serenade

A Multicultural Book Talk

About the Book

Author: Campbell Geeslin
Illustrator: Ana Juan
Genre: Picture Book
Topic: Mexican and Glassblowing

About the Author

Campbell Geeslin grew up in western Texas, but now lives in New York City and writes children's books about Mexico. When he writes his first draft he still using a pad of paper and pen, then puts it into a word processor. One of his books, How Nanita learned to make Flan, has been made into an Opera and Campbell wrote the libretto.


About the Illustrator

Ana Juan has always loved to tell stories. In fact most of her illustrations have a narrative feel to them. Growing up she always had a pen in her hand “During my childhood, I spent hours over hours drawing or making copies from old illustrations,” she recalled. He has done multiple works of art for The New Yorker. Ana Juan not only is an illustrator for children's books but also has pieces of art work in galleries. She currently lives in Spain.


Multicultural Criteria

Cultural Character

The characters in the story have authentic names for the setting of Mexico. Elena has some problems she has to face because she's a girl, in some areas of Mexico where girls are not allowed to have certain jobs.

Cultural Setting

Monterry, Mexico is well known for its glassblowers, and Elena travels there making some friends along the way and they are have some mixed feelings about her as a glassblower.

Diverse Language

In the book there are words in Spanish. The publishers included a glossery with a pronunciation of the words. Also how they words are used within the story context clues can be used to determine what a word means.

Lesson Plan Idea

Standard 3.RL.4

Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, distinguishing literal from nonliteral language.


The Student will

- determine what words meaning usig context clues.

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