A&R manager

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The A&R manager must be a very creative person. Out of the thousands of artists, musicians, writers and bands there are around, the A&R manager has to pick the one that is going to be successful, and nurture their career as much as possible.
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work conditions

the A&R manager works in a recording studio mainly, but also does a lot of scouting at local performances and plays.


the salary for this job ranges from $27,000 to $85,000+

educational background

“Go to school and be educated,” Corria advises. “A lot of record labels like to have graduates with Communications, Business, and Marketing degrees. They kind of help you to get your foot in the door.” He adds, “I’ve been noticing a lot of schools have been putting up music business programs. That seems really cool to me; it can give you the foundation and skills you need to know.”


“You have to be a real good people person because you’re dealing with so many personalities,” Corria says. “As an A&R Coordinator you’re in the center of the communication web where you’re the buffer between the artist and the label or the Producer and the label or the Producer’s Manager or the Engineer. You have to have really good communications skills and a thick skin because sometimes you’re getting it from all angles; you’re hearing things from the label, you’re hearing things from your boss and you kind of have to smooth things out. You have to be a hard worker, a self-starter. You have to be someone who doesn’t mind losing sleep. Someone who will go the extra mile. You fly under the radar. You do a lot of work. You’re scouring beats with artists and Producers; you’re the person who put these people together, but you’re not going to get the press, so you have to be cool being behind-the-scenes.”

employment outlook

the current employment outlook shows that job openings for this job are staying the same.

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the advantages for this job are:

high salary


learning everything about music production

meeting famous musicians



the disadvantages for this job are:

unsteady work hours

lots of business meetings