JoLLE update

Take Two, Call for Reviewers

JoLLE Conference Report

Thank you to everyone who attended, presented at, planned for, and supported the JoLLE 2017 Winter Conference. The conference was an enormous success because of all of you.

Now we get to start planning next year's conference! Whew!

Take Two

This month, as part of JoLLE’s Take 2 Feature, we want to invite readers to revisit Sonia Nieto’s article Language, Literacy, and Culture: Aha Moments in Personal and Sociopolitical Understanding. This piece, originally published in 2013, invites educators to rethink their roles as cultural mediators, developing their professional praxis at the complex intersections of critique and hope. To read more, click here.

Call for Reviewers

Consider serving as a manuscript reviewer for JoLLE. The experience is an important form of professional service and a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at academic publishing. JoLLE accepts a variety of manuscripts, from empirical research reports to field-based practitioner articles.

If you are interested in reviewing or would just like more information about the review process, email the Managing Editor at