Taylor Swift


Taylors life

Taylor was very young when she started singing. Her first song that came out was "Tim Mcgraw". Her new album is called RED and now she is not as country as she was when she first started. she has made a lot of changes in her life, most of the good except her hair. First it was curly and now she straightens it and I think it looks a lot better curly.


In her album fearless she talks about trying to fit in and be herself. One of my most favorite songs ever that she sings is " Hey Stephen ". Fearless in one of her most famous albums. Another album I love is Speak Now. This album is really great! Her songs have really good tunes and lyrics that flow together.

Her Life Growing Up

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles??

Taylor swift and Harry styles had a loving relationship, until.... it all ended with a dramatic break up especially during the VMA's. HArry and TAylor broke up a couple of months before the VMA's which gave her just enough time to write a song about him. This is about the time when " We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". She sang this at the VMA's and said thank you to Harry Styles for giving her such an inspiration.

Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran

This report was done by Grace Ritchie