SLiMe SEasOn

iT gO doWN iN tHe dM's...

1.WHat aRe tHe benefiTS oF yOur ecONomic systEM and whY shOuld peopLE wAnt it?

Slime Season will be capitalism. This will be beneficial because everyone will think for themselves and work hard for their own achievements, and nobody will take any money from them. People should wants this because they have the freedom to the anything and start any business they wish to start.

2. A dEScriptiOn of hoW yOu ecoNOmic sysTEm woRkS. WhO iS iN chaRge oF It? HOw arE PeoPle pAId? HoW do they bUy and Sell tHe THe thINgs that THey nEed?

I am going to be in charge of the economic system, the way people will get paid is they make their own money or work for other people and strive for their success. Although, if they come out bankrupt i will give them a loan of 5,000 and they go from there but that will all i give. The way they sell things is starting business to provide themselves with money and to buy things they have to work for it and do jobs for others or start businesses.

Guaranteed the best place to ever exist.

4. In tHis SectIOn, yOu Will acknOWledgE thE CriTicisMs oF yOur system aNd trY to "rEfute" oR diSproVe tHem. UsE tHe "coNs" section of your corNell NOtes iF You wiSh tO

Many say that my country will go bankrupt because people that wont want to work, but in fact people will have to work hard or start businesses to make money or else they will be put in jail for not putting effort towards the country.

5. YoU shOulD coMe to ThE sliME, tO hAVe tHe bEst tiMe! WhO DoesN't wAnt freEdoM? AnY otHeR COuntRy, wE bEaT tHEm!

Young Thug - Power