Eco friendly laundry room

By: Elyse Newland 4B

Washing machine

The whirlpool top load high efficiency washer is one of the the eco friendly washing machines with its H2low wash system which would save you money on water, its unique soft touch impeller improves the care of your clothes. The special thing about this washing machine is it helps with allergens it has to technology to to wash out 99.9% of all bacteria. I would use the product because it would keep my clothes soft and not wear them out. This machine costs $1,500.

Bamboo hangers

Bamboo hangers are eco friendly because they are very durable and will last along time. The way they make bamboo hangers is cutting down the tree and carving it. Bamboo is rapidly growing around the globe so they are not killing any bamboo trees. I would use this product because it would last me years without having to buy more so I can spend my money on other things besides hangers. This product costs $10 a package.

Ecos laundry detergent

This laundry detergent is eco friendly because it is made from natural ingredients. It also uses less detergent to wash clothes leaving less harm to the machine. I would use this product because it would last me longer and it would leave my clothes smelling fresh and not processed. This product would cost upwards of $20