Inherit the Wind

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Jerome Lawrence (july 14, 1915- february 29, 2004)

in the year 1919 Jerome Lawrence was born in Cleveland Ohio, he graduated from Ohio state university, and also graduated from the university of California LA. He later partnered with Robert Edwin lee, they created Armed Forces Radio and continued in there partner ship until lees death. There books went on to win positive acclaim for inherit the wind. They went on to create American Play Wrights theater in 1963. He died of a stroke in 2004 in his house in Malibu California.

Robert Edwin Lee (october 15, 1918- july 8, 1994)

robert lee was born the 1918 in Elyria Ohio. he attended Ohio Wesleyan university, and later turned to theater were he partnered with Jerome Lawrence, they created and wrote many plays until his death in 1994. in total he and Jerome created 39 different works. his wife Janet played many voice roles for cartoons such as The Jetsons.

Scopes Monkey Trial (The State of Tennessee V. John Thomas Scopes)

the trial was against john scopes, the cause of trial is for violating school regulation and teaching human evolution. it was staged as a publicity stunt in Tennessee. scopes was found guilty, but overturn due to technical problems. this trial was set up to prove to the nation that teaching evolution had nothing to do with religion.