Tools to Help YOU Create an App

By Samantha Smeltzer


Choose from 1,000 of templates to create your app. Once done you can use the drag and drop feature to add your touch to the app. No coding skills required to create your app.
Costs associated with this app depend on which devices you want to share it on. For both Android and iPhone it is $59.40 for unlimited downloads. Creating the app on the website is free.
Problems you might encounter are when you try to save and publish your app and if you are creating an app that needs to check an answer the free service will not do it.


When you go to the website you are first asked to choose the name. Once you have titled the app you are then able to drag and drop different features you would like to include in the app. No coding skills required to create your app.
Costs associated with this website are that they charge $1/month for it to be on the app store but it is free to create apps.
Problems you might encounter is the inability to create the app you want do to limited features.


To begin creating your app you are asked to name it and choose which category your app is used for. After that you choose which theme you would like to use, once chosen you can change colors/font styles. This website can allow you to add quiz questions, so if your app is to check for understanding this website is the one for you.
Costs associated with this website are varied depending on which platforms you want your app to be available on. To get you app on all platforms it is $40/month.
Problems that you might encounter with creating your app is when you go to publish it and want to test out the quiz feature you can only do that if you are paying the free feature will not let you see it.