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Jenkins Elementary

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“Greater is Coming” in 2016! Know your role, contribute and continue to take pride in THE VISION and stay focused on the "Target".

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Winners never quit and Quitters never win. Choose to win!

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A.R.A.R.A……Making things happen as you continue to accomplish the goals of our LSPI & RBES

A.- Accelerate

R.- Remediate

A.- Accelerate

R.- Remediate


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Expect the impossible to be POSSIBLE at all times.

1. Have an attitude of expectancy. You will get what you expect. Expect something great to happen for you every day and it will.

2. Take control over what you can, and stop worrying about what you can't. Some things are within your control, while other things are not. Learn to recognize the difference. Refuse to worry about circumstances beyond your control.

3. Read and listen to positive information. If you fill your mind with uplifting and inspiring information, it will keep you motivated.

4. Be with positive people as often as possible. Negative people and conversations will have you focused on all the wrong things and may take your focus off of your goals. Seek out positive people and don't engage in negative conversations.

5. Speak positive affirmations. Words have a creative force. Regardless of what is going on around you, speak out loud what you want to happen.

6. Learn from your mistakes, instead of repeating them. We all make mistakes; the key is to learn from them and keep on moving.

7. Make a plan. There is a very popular saying: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." When you take time to plan, you allow yourself to think through the entire process from beginning to end.

8. Celebrate accomplishments, whether big or small. Always take time out to celebrate. Rewards play a huge part in staying motivated. Reward yourself each and every time you reach a goal.

9. Build a support team. Having the right team in place to help you is crucial to your success.

10. Rehearse your victories. Oftentimes we forget how far we've come and the successes we've already accomplished. Designate a token of achievement that you can carry with you to remind yourself that you are a winner.

An infectious, positive attitude can shift your entire life. Infusing your mind with positive thoughts will cause you to produce more positive results in your life.

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STEM Camp ATL - Spring 2016

GCPS is proud to host the 2nd STEMCampATL for metro-Atlanta STEM educators. STEMCampATL is designed to provide access to high quality, personalized professional learning for K-12 educators. Embracing the belief that fellow STEM educators can provde some of the most valuable professional development resources for their colleagues. This unconference learning will be driven by teachers for teachers. Come prepared to share and learn about innovative practices in STEM education.


When: Saturday March 12, 2016 8:00 - 12:00

Where: Peachtree Ridge HS

Registration will open on January 5th @

** Remember to check your PD tool in the portal for continuous professional development opportunities that are offered by our county office.

GCPS Inclement Weather Procedures

Following are GCPS procedures for inclement weather and how the school system handles school cancellations.

GCPS schools and facilities may close in the event of hazardous weather or other emergencies which present threats to the safety of students, staff, or school property.

The Superintendent makes the decision about school closing based on a cross-divisional and cross-agency effort, with information from public safety officials, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Gwinnett County officials, and the state Department of Transportation. In addition, when inclement weather is an issue, members of the GCPS Facilities and Operations team head out as early as 3:30 or 4 a.m. to drive roads around the county and assess road conditions. The school system’s Transportation staff ensures that buses are operable. (Extreme cold can cause operational problems for diesel buses.) Facilities are checked in the early hours, and GCPS works with power providers, as needed. Local school principals gather information for the leadership team about specific school conditions.

It is more likely for school to be cancelled in the early morning — due to dangerous road conditions that formed overnight — than for school to let out early because bad weather is moving in.

As a rule, the decision to cancel school is made before 6 a.m. The school system immediately notifies all major radio and television stations in metro Atlanta. In addition, the information is announced on GCPS TV and posted on the school system’s web site.

GCPS TV can be found on the following Gwinnett County cable channels:

  • AT&T - Listed under Local Government
  • Charter - Channel 22
  • Comcast - Channel 24 or 26

Parent Survey 2015-16 Results-SPOT ON!!!!!!

Jenkins Parent Survey score=3.57

GCPS Parent ES score=3.47


Teaching and Learning Pre-Conference and Conference

Please mark your calendars for the second annual GCPS Teaching and Learning Conference! This year, the conference will take place at the ISC on Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17 from 8 AM - 4 PM at the J. Alvin Wilbanks Instructional Support Center. Several departments will offer pre-conference sessions on Wednesday, June 15 at various locations throughout the district. More details will come in February.
What: Teaching and Learning Pre-Conference
When: June 15, 2016
Where: Various locations throughout the district. More to come in February.

What: Teaching and Learning Conference
When: June 16-17, 2016 8:00am - 4:00pm
Where: J. Alvin Wilbanks Support Center
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January Birthdays

Lisa Mosley 1/2

Phyllis Moose 1/4

Margaret Headen 1/5

Rhonda Escobar 1/7

Karen Phillips 1/8

Amber Vellenger 1/9

Holly Lane 1/9

Lindsey Kurtz 1/24

Kimberly Crowe 1/26

Safety and Security

Our front door visitor doorbell and visible monitoring system is in full effect. All doors are locked and entry into the building can occur with a key or with being buzzed in by a front desk monitor.

Please do not prop our doors open for any reason. This is a breach against our safety security process and can create an opportunity for an intruder to enter. Practice safe habits for yourself and everyone else daily.

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Testing Reminders & Hallway Expectations

  • Remember to review the Testing Calendar that was provided to you via email by Elsie daily so that you are informed.

  • Quiet transitions in the hallways is mandatory not optional. We have several classrooms that are being interrupted from their learning in their classrooms and during testing times as a result of hallway disruptions. If your classroom is not ready to transition into the hallway, do NOT enter the hallway.

Teaching and Learning

  • Develop your plan
  • Use your Data to drive your instruction.
  • Know your kids
  • Avoid excuses and do something different
  • You are the expert in your classroom
  • The students depend on you to guide them.
  • Remember to FOCUS on the “RIGHT WORK” so that you can get results.


Tuesday’s – Chorus, Art Club,

Wednesday's - Witzzle Pro Club, J.L.A

Thursday's - Science and Yearbook Club, J.L.A.

Friday's - Peer Leaders, Technology and Running Club

Relay for Life

Team Jenkins, WE NEED YOU!

Relay for life campaign has touched each and every one of our lives directly or indirectly. Consider joining the Jenkins Black Knight Relay for Life Team, so that TEAM JENKINS can join in the fight against cancer with strength.

Relay for Life evening events will take place at Gwinnett Fairgrounds on May 13th.

Jenkins Black Knight Kudos Corner