How to Dress

If you want the interview to go good you wear scruffy pants and a t-shirt, but if you want the interview to go great then you would wear a suit and tie with dress shoes. A first impression is always important because you want the interviewer to remember you as a man who is intelligent and prepared, not as a man who is dumb and can't even dress himself properly.

When preparing for an interview the clothes you should wear are: a suit solid color (navy or grey), white long sleeve(white or one that goes with the suit color),belt, tie, dark socks conservative leather shoes, an appropriate hair style, go easy on the after shave, cut nails, and finally take a brief case or portfolio.

The basics of an interview

When you are sitting and talking with the interviewer ALWAYS sit up straight and AVOID moving around in your seat, sit still.Greet them with a warm and friendly smile, and be sure to address the interviewer by his or her last name,( EX: Good morning/afternoon MS.Gonzales) unless they tell you to address them otherwise. The key is to remain calm and answer every question truthfully.
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