Come to our Meeting!

Behavior Committee

Our School Improvement Plan needs to be completed.

We need to meet to complete our section of BRES School Improvement plan. We are almost there, just need a few budget items filled in and a read through to make sure we are/can do what we have suggested.

Behavior Committee

Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 3pm

Mrs. Neaves Office

Please come prepared to discuss Goal 3 of the School Improvement Plan (Behavior)


3:00 Sign in

3:02 Read through our section of the plan

3:09 Open discussion

3:15 Address blanks on the form

3:25 Assign one team member to type up items changed or added and deliver to Mrs. Little

3:30 Discuss 1st nine weeks reward day both positive and negatives

3:40 Schedule next meeting to discuss 2nd nine weeks reward day

3:50 Discuss Faculty rewards - gold compass, etc.

4:00 Dismiss