Mecca A. Duronslet

Future Nurse Practioner

Personal Bio

Mecca Duronslet is 17 years old and she is a junior in high school. She attends the Houston Academy for International Studies in Houston, TX. Mecca is originally from New Orleans, LA; she's lived there for 15 years and recently moved to Houston. Mecca grew up in a large household that included 5 other siblings. She has a crazed personality, yet dependable; She's goofy, cool, weird, fun to be around, nice, well-respected, responsible, hard-working and fun. She knows that she has to do what is meant to be done. She is on the ball about school and she really perseveres and pushes through it all. Everyday is a different challenge and a different view with a better perspective on things. Mecca loves who she's becoming and really believes that everything has a reason and each reason is exceptional. She is a really good student and she is doing well. She knows that she needs to better herself in certain places, but she is working on it; she will be better at things and do what is expected of her.

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