Envisioning your future self

By: Sydney Dooley


  • Score high enough on the SAT's and the ACT's to goto a good university and maybe get a scholarship.
  • Graduate high school with at least a 3.75 gpa.
  • Enter a college right after high school (preferably a 4 yr university) and get some type of degree in a field.
  • Graduate college and then start my field by 2026.

Career: set/exhibit designer

  • Creates and prepares designs for a set, event or movie.
  • Manages money and resources.
  • Earns between $45,000 and up to $75,000 based on experience and level.
  • Environment of the job includes being indoors most of the time, but actively moving and designing product throughout the day.
  • This career can be independent but most of the time is with others.


  • This field requires at least a Bachelor's degree.
  • Can get extra experience and training by working as an assistance or having a job in that field.(during college)

Where would live and type of dwelling:

  • I would preferably like to live in rural areas with a lot of job opportunities.
  • 5-6 years after college I would like to live in an apartment until I get married, then I would like to buy a house.


  • After college I would like to use buses and subways until i can afford to rent or buy a car.

Family and marriage

  • Eventually, I would like to start a family maybe late 20's and early 30's. And have two kids.
  • Also i would like to get married around 25-29 yrs old, and get married at a destination location.

Activities in spare time

  • running
  • vacations
  • spending time with family and friends