Spectroscopy And Beyond!

Flyer by Sam Abrahams and Quinn Karlok

What is Spectroscopy?

Spectroscopy is the science of measuring and graphing the intensity of light and different energies. Spectroscopic data is often represented in a spectrum of all the colors in a rainbow.
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How are elements identified in a star? How is this helpful for astronomers?

Spectroscopy helps identify elements in a star. The amount of radiation (light) in a star will help identify what type of element it is. This helps astronomers collect light from across the electromagnetic spectrum to help understand stars and other celestial objects.
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Why is it important for astronomers to study spectroscopy?

Spectroscopy is very important in helping scientists understand how certain celestial objects like a black hole, neutron star or active galaxies produce light. It also helps understand how fast the light is moving, and what elements it is made of.