The Secret to using Nuclear Fusion

discovered by Amy Martin & Josh Butterskins


Hello readers! My name is Amy Martin! I work in a research lab in the research triangle of Durham. Recently my partner Dr. Butterskins & I have been investigating the uses of nuclear fusion as a possible energy source. First of all one must understand what nuclear fusion is. It is a reaction where two or more atomic nuclei come very close & then collide at a very high speed & join to form a new nucleus (Wikipedia). Nuclear Fusion produces energy by joining two nuclei together, this is the same reaction that is happening in the Sun. It takes a huge amount of energy to even start the reaction.

Safety Concerns & Economic Impact

There are always safety concerns when using energy resources. However, nuclear waste is released in the form of radioactivity from used fuel. This radiation could impact the health & safety of the local citizens. Nuclear Power Plants operate in most states in the country. They produce about 20% of the nations power. This means 3 million Americans live within 10 miles of a nuclear power plants (

About Us

Dr. Amy Martin & Dr. Josh Butterskins are graduates from Duke University. Our research has revolved around nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. Nuclear fission differs from nuclear fusion in that nuclear fission is the splitting of one atom into two or more smaller atoms. All the while, nuclear fusion is the fusing of two or more atoms into a larger atom. Fusion is a more natural reaction where as fission is not an produces radioactive particles. ( This is just a quick glimpse into some of our research.