The Academically Gifted Gazette

Murphey Traditional Academy

Volume 2, Issue 1

Autumn 2019

Welcome Back!

Happy new year, students and families! This year you can look for a newsletter with each report card cycle. Don't forget to check your spam. Let's make this our best year yet!

~Mrs. Green

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2nd: Labor Day Holiday

5th: AG Open House

6th: NC Folk Festival begins

10th: AG 101 session (Sterneberger & Southwest)

12th: AG 101 session (Hunter & Fairview)

14th: Guilford County Passport Fair


2nd-4th: CogAT testing (3)

6th: Greensboro Crop Hunger Walk

25th: Quarter 1 Ends

28th: Teacher Workday

TAG Time!

The Team for the Academically Gifted is seeking a parent representative. If ever there is a question or concern that families wish to share parent-to-parent, this person would make themselves available. He/she can seek answers/solutions from the TAG or share his/her own experiences with the GCS AG program. TAG meets bi-monthly and parent representatives are only asked to stay for the first few minutes of each meeting for confidentiality purposes. Might you be willing to help us out?

Who Said It?

Simply guess who said the following quote and click on the link below to check yourself!

Habit of Mind: Remaining open to continuous learning

"What we think, we become."

Caesar's Corner

I was thrilled to hear how many of you mentioned getting familiar with Latin over the summer! Keep up the great work, students and parents. We will learn 5 new terms in each of this year's 10 lessons. By the end of the year, your child is expected to demonstrate application of all 50 (100 in 5th grade), including in their writing and speaking. These terms are a wonderful "anchor" activity for your child to pull out and study any time of the year and anywhere. Look for fun ways to review in this section of the newsletterand you are invited to send in your study strategies so I can share them with everyone!

Tech Times

Your child's AG progress may be periodically checked this year using Thinkwave. Here's how it works:

1. Go to

2. Click the "Login" button on the top right.

3. Then click "First Time? Start Here..." under ThinkWave 3.0.

4. Establish a Username and Password, and type in the Access Code (email or hard copy).

And you're in! You may begin accessing your child's AG grades immediately for a connected school year.

K-1 Nurture Program

Murphey is among a select few schools that will continue to receive K-1 services this school year. During semester 1, Mrs. Green will be working with first grade and during semester 2, she will work with kindergarten students. All lessons are provided in both whole group and small group capacities.

2nd Grade Talent Development

Second grade whole group thinking lessons will begin in September. This year, they will be held on Thursdays. Stay tuned!

3rd Grade Building Thinking Skills

And we're off! Third graders should have met with Mrs. Green in week one to begin the hard work of strengthening their thinking. This group of children will take the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) in October (see examples below) and the results will be used in screening for Academically Gifted (AG) services. Students will meet every Thursday to learn and practice similar skills that they will encounter on the CogAT. AG and MAP students will be identified by the end of January.
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Maximizing Academic Potential

MAP will commence after beginning-of-year screening is complete. This level of service is provided to students in grades 3-5 who are performing at high levels but have otherwise not met the criteria for AG services. This year, MAP will have a mathematics/logical focus. If your child qualifies, they will bring home a permission form in the coming weeks. This class is planned for Thursdays.

4th Grade AG

The Hero Within

From the original Superman to real-life everyday heroes, this unit takes an in-depth look at the concept of heroism through multiple genres--including biography, graphic novel, short story, and poetry. This group is set to meet first thing on Wednesday mornings. Who is your hero?

Pictured Right: Featured author William Sydney Porter, a.k.a. Greensboro's own O. Henry.

Math Quest

In what world might you find an Arithma Tic attacking water supplies, a Decimalus Rex inserting decimals into team values, or a Geomet Tree full of treasure? Only in the Math Quest world, of course! Math Quest is a role-playing simulation which acquaints students with six strategies for problem solving. Groups of students work cooperatively to travel through several exciting worlds while their fate rests in the card their team draws and the supplies they chose to take with them. Which groups will make it to the treasure chest?

If you are able to send in the following items with your child to keep in their AG cubby for the duration of this quarter, it might just help out their team tremendously (wink):

-one or more baseball caps

-a graham cracker

-a football &/or football helmet

-one or more shower caps

-die or dice

-a new or used calendar with a few random dates circled

The following might also be good to know:

-how to calculate a batting average (and regular average too)

-how to explain any of Newton's 3 simple laws of physics

-what the "C" in Einstein's famous E=mc squared theory stands for

This section will meet on Wednesday afternoons. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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AG Classroom Needs

-composition books

-USB flashdrives

-2019-2020 agendas/planners

-volunteers (in school or at home)