What Is Media Literacy?

To Be Media Literate

Media Literacy Entry#1

Communication, education, and entertainment. These are some things that we can find on the media or what most people call the internet. It's interesting about how fast technology is developing and how easy it is to send a text or message. It's surprising how fast technology is growing and how we as a nation are so reliable on media. What is media? Media is what we call the internet, a global wonderland of fast and reliable communication and other websites which serves as a place where the world can stay connected. For example, Facebook can be a source of media since it serves as a network where people can communicate, post videos, create picture albums, and stay connected with one another. What does it mean to be media literate? Basically, being media literate means to know about what the social media is really about. The internet is one of the most valuable resources that we rely on, to understand, to know, and to dig deeper. It surprises me how much information there is stored on the internet. History about the Aztecs or even the entire dictionary can be found on the internet. People blog, write posts, and share information through the internet every day. Things are being recorded and no one really knows how much data there actually is on the internet. Although we see the internet as a useful source to research and understand about things, it's still not the safest environment. By taking Media Literacy, we are learning how to understand how mass media works, how they produce meanings, how they are organized, and how to use them wisely. We are learning how to protect ourselves from harm and learning how to use the media safely and properly.
Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Puppy Love Budweiser Commercial Entry#2

Anheuser-Busch, in the commercial, "Puppy Love," aired during the 2014 Superbowl, creates an emotional appeal to get the audience to remember their name and to connect an emotion to their product. The commercial accomplishes this by depicting a friendship between the puppy and the Clydesdale. In order to advertise their brand name and help people remember their logo, Budweiser uses the soundtrack "Let Her Go" by Passengers and a charming experience between the two animals in order to keep the audience invested into the video.Keeping an open target to all ages, Budweiser exquisitely delivers a sweet and mindful message by attaching their product to the video. However, by using an inspirational soundtrack and connecting it directly with the "Puppy Love" relationship, Budweiser was able to successfully grab the attention of millions of Super Bowl watchers and through social media.


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Sleeping Seniors (Peachtree Ridge Graduation Satire) Entry#4

Sleeping Seniors

Mina Pham -The editor of Ridge Times

March 20, 2013


SUWANEE - How lovely would it be to wake up at 6 am on May 24th to get ready for the 8 am graduation time! I guess they don’t consider how long it would take for us to just wake up from our beauty sleep, brush our hair for 5 minutes, take a shower for another 30 minutes, change into nice clothing for another 5, and eat breakfast for 10. Multiply that by 7 and that’s how long it will take to finally just swing out the door. I’m guessing everyone is prepared to see a family with boxers and pajamas walking on into graduation.

Elite Daily says, “The class of 2013 is on the verge of closing the book on one chapter of their adult lives. Many of these graduates will be doomed to sitting in a mass hall teeming with thousands of people for hours and forced to listen to nonsensical speeches by the valedictorian or the guest speakers whom the school hires.”Let's just hope to not see the class president and valedictorian drooling into their microphones and the teachers with their eye lids drooping over trying to utter the names of the students while trying to stay away from a deep trance while handing out pieces of papers that are worth almost 200k of our parents’ money.

I’m sure that Peachtree Ridge’s graduating class of 2014 would love to even wake up at 6 or 7 am on a May 24th a few weeks after the AP exams to attend graduation. Why not just make the graduation time at 2 am? It’s not like that would make a huge difference anyways.

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Starting a New Life in the Americas Entry#5

The British set sail from England to the Americas in September 1920 on the ship called the Mayflower. Typically, the Mayflower’s cargo was wine and dry goods, but on this trip the ship carried passengers: 102 of them, all hoping to start a new life. When the British arrived, they traded goods and food with the inhabitants of the land, the Native Americans. The Native Americans taught the British how to farm and cultivate good crops in order to survive, and the British taught the Native Americans how to hunt for livestock using powdered guns. Both of the British and the Native Americans were able to settle and live side by side with each other while exchanging goods and feasting frequently. It was a good start in the Americas.

It was a warm summer day when the plague came about. Many of the Native Americans did not survive because of the lack of medication and medical attention. No one really knew how the plague started and how it spread. People believed that it was just a flu or a mild fever, yet no one expected that it would become a big issue on the new land. People say today that it was the British that killed them all because of their greed for the land, but mistakenly it was an accidental epidemic that came about. It was later said that the British brought over diseases which the Indians were not immune to. It was tough for the British, because they didn’t really know basic life skills like the Native Americans did.

As of today, we have become more appreciative of the Native Americans and honoring their customs as we celebrate Native American Day on June 22. Because we are so grateful of them and their ways of sharing and teaching us how to grow our own food and become independent, we honor them as a way to say thank you for helping and sharing this land with us.

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1984 Response Entry#6

Reading George Orwell's novel, 1984, I realized how horrifying a totalitarian and communist government could be. 1984 displayed a reality of how a government could turn destructive manipulating its people, and the non-existence of thought itself could overpower the human mind. As the novel progresses, you can see how Winston turns into a crippled man, drinking himself to forget every minute of his life, basically eliminating his presence as much as possible from the thought of fear, love, and hatred. Surprisingly, at the end, he swore himself to the brotherhood which was quite unexpected since he made an oath to never betray Julia. It seems quite horrifying to the extent of how he is now brainwashed to comply with the Brotherhood and to believe in it. Orwell's novel portrays a society that is not far distant from the American society today. We read about how horrifying "telescreens" seem to be, but in actuality, telescreens are everywhere in America. We're constantly being watched and monitored by cameras and surveillance systems everywhere we go. It's the truth. To think how horrible and unsatisfying this dystopian society is, Orwell reminds us how in reality, we're not too far away from becoming one. Overall, I really liked the book, and the ending seemed to be a bit rushed, but I would not have changed it either way. I believed that it was expected from Orwell because he was under all the pressure and suffering from depression while writing the novel. What makes the novel unique are the emotions that the author feels while writing the novel. That's what makes it most interesting. After reading it for the second time, I've had a chance to get a better understanding of it.

Reflection Entry#7

For centuries now, before the internet or the global interface was invented, we were only capable of communicating through paper and pencil. It always came to mind how exciting and amazing the though of being able to just communicate through an inter-woven system which could directly send off a message to another person, could be so easy and fast by a simple click. Although that we have much of this privilege in our hands, we must remind ourselves how important it is to become aware of internet safety and the hazards that lurk in the social media world. Throughout the course, I've learned not only about media literacy itself, but to become more aware of everything around me. It's interesting how this class has taught me how to learn through the use of technology and to embrace it through the enhancements it renders for educational purposes. Even for smore which I had no roughly idea what "smore" was in the beginning of the year, I've become appreciative of its free usage. Being able to "post" and "voice" our own thoughts and opinions seems to be truly amazing. After reading 1984, I've considered myself lucky to have the privileges and rights to think freely under no law that enforces "thought crime" or being sent to the ministry of love for questioning. I must say that Media Literacy is quite fascinating, and I wished that we could have gone deeper into learning more about the purpose about technology. Compared to the other language arts class I've taken, Media Literacy highlights the class which provides the future for young minds, teaching us ways to become literate in the media world. I believe that this skill is necessary for all of us, and that we are privileged to have so much power in our hands with the tap of our fingers on a keyboard. Sharing information has become easier, and I hope that in the future, we will develop more ways of faster and easier ways to communicate with one another. What I would suggest for the upcoming classes is to have more activities based on social media rather than writing essays. I believe that the first step in the class is to teach students how to use the internet as safely as possible and to encourage students to take part in more activities involving the social media. All together, the class was quite a thrill, and I really enjoyed watching the TED talks in class. It made me think about how fast our nation is developing and how quick of a pace everything is moving now a days. With our busy lives, it's hard to not go anywhere without a cell phone now a days. I'm pretty grateful to be able to use technology to its finest.