FALL 2013 Professional Development

Offered by ESD113 Digital Learning Resource Center (DLRC)

September - December 2013

Opportunities for Certified and Classified Staff.

Please forward to all staff.

  • UPDATED! Professional Development Opportunities Brochure for Certified Staff. View at: DLRC Certified PD.

  • Professional Developments Opportunities for Classified Staff. View at: DLRC Classified.

Register at www.myesd.org.

Our Commitment to CCSS and TPEP

We commit to CCSS and TPEP through assisting educators and administrators who implement technology for school improvement, for administrative efficiency, and for preparing students and classrooms for the 21st Century. We are ready to support and provide guidance through trainings, seminars, technology audits, and even focus groups.


Providing teachers and students with Educational Resources using Technology, Media membership, and MASK Science Kit services.