Fan Girl

Rainbow Rowell

Characters (-:

Cath Avery-

  • Twin sister to Wren thinks of her as a best friend. Complete opposite shy, bookworm.
  • A big fan girl of Simon Snow.
  • she is famous on the internet for her fan fiction Carry On, Simon.
Wren Avery-

  • More out going twin (The awesome twin)
  • likes to party and get out
  • Also a fan of the Simon Snow books but is too cool to admit it


  • Reagan's ex
  • Tall, blonde and a farm boy
  • Interested in Caths writing


  • Cath's collage roommate
  • Hard core, straight up, and sarcastic is the best way to be described

Arthur Avery-

  • Cath's and Wrens Father
  • Sorta mentally unstable and cant look after himself
  • Took full care of the twins after their mom left


  • Cath's writing partner for while
  • Selfish in a way


Cath is in her freshman year of collage and feels let down when she finds out her twin Wren doesn't want to share a dorm. Cath and Wren have shared a room their whole life's and Wren wants to branch out and start a new life. Caths case is the total opposite as she is from her sister. She hits depression and hides in her room for the first few weeks into school. She even starves herself off protein bars just to avoid going to the dinning hall and dealing with human interaction. Caths roommate Reagan is sorta mean to her and is weirded out by her anti-socialness. The loitering guy is Levi, always outside their dorm waiting on Reagan. Levi helps Cath with her father who becomes almost like crazy in his deep thoughts and inventions. While Cath spends most of her first year worried about their fathers illness, Wren on the other hand is getting into trouble herself. She develops a drinking problem and start to hang out with the wrong people, a girl named Courtney in particular. One day, Nick a peer of Cath, ask her if she wants to write with him in the library. They start getting to know each other and hanging out until some conflicts happen. Problems just keep coming up in her life with her dad being bipolarl, her sisters drinking problem, their mom trying to come back into their life. But just as she thinks it cant get worse, boy drama comes along. Cath gets her heart broken by a guy she thought it was never possible for her to love and is about to give up on school and all.


“A funny and tender coming-of-age story that’s also the story of a writer finding her voice.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

"A deliciously warm-hearted new power ballad destined for greatness." — New York Jounal of Books

“Absolutely captivating.” Kirkus, starred review

Why are their names Cath and Wren

Well their mom didnt know she was having twins less alone planing to have a baby, but she had a name in mind, Catherine. so when they were born she split the name in to. Cath-Wren (-: