The Battle of Gettysburg

The Turning Point of the Civil War

Background Information

  • The battle was fought from July 1 to July 3, 1863. It was an important victory for the North because the South couldn't recover from the amount of deaths in the 3 day battle
  • The Union lost 23,000 men while the Confederate lost 28,000(which was more than a third of General Lee's army)
  • The Union Army of the Potomac was led by General George G. Meade
  • The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was led by General Robert E. Lee
  • Pickett's Charge was the final blow that weakened the Rebels because they lost 7,500 men just in one charge

Fun Fact

The people who lived in Gettysburg became very ill after the battle because of all the dead bodies that began to decay in the fields where the battle had taken place.