Gianna's Weekly Newspapers

By: Gianna Clemons

CandyMakers Book Review

Candy Makers is a book about 4 characters that are in a contest to become one of the greatest candy makers of all time. The four contestants Logan, Daisy, Miles and Philip are competing against each other at the Life Is Sweet factory to make the most creative dessert. Logan lives at the Life Is Sweet Factory and is extremely nervous about meeting other kids his own age. Daisy, the second contestant, is a undercover spy. Miles, the third contestant, is self-conscious and has never had a best friend or someone that he can rely on. Lastly, Philip, the fourth contestant pretends he is a mature adult. He doesn’t get any attention at home, so he feels he needs to be the center of it everywhere he goes. When he was small he toured the factory with his father and met a friend, but a random accident forced Philip to leave the tour abruptly, and ever since he has been angry at Life Is Sweet, the little boy he met that day happened to be Logan sweet. Philip is abrasive and determined, but deep down he is hurt and sad, and perhaps only the candy contest can heal. When Daisy, Miles, and Philip show up to the factory, Logan wonders if he’s missing out on friendship and other normal things. Logan’s dreams of winning with his Bubbletastic ChocoRocket began to seem less important to him than making friends and helping them become stronger and happier kids.

I give this book rating a five because there are lots of interesting things that happen in the story and you have to read until the end to find out most of the mind grabbing clues.


When Lonnie was seven years old, his parents died in a fire. Now he is eleven years old, and he still misses his family. He had to adjust too many changes in his life like living with his new foster, attending a new school, and being separated from his little sister Lili, who lives with her new mother Miss Edna. Lonnie’s new foster mother doesn’t really like all the noise and energy Lonnie brings to their small apartment, so she is constantly telling him to be quite. At school, Lonnie has to find a new way to relate to the other kids who don’t know him or his background. Lonnie is comforted by memories from his past when his parents were alive, by visits with Lili in her new home, and also by the encouragement of his teacher, Ms. Marcus. With the help of Ms. Marcus, Lonnie finds a way to express himself in his writing. Lonnie begins to remember his past to write down in his journal booklet. In the end, Lonnie learns to accept his new life, and appreciate the people who support him especially Ms. Marcus, Miss Edna, Rodney, and his little sister Lili.

How To Plant Lima Beans

Supplies needed:

· Paper Towel

· Ziploc Bag

· Bean Pot

· Water Hose

Step 1) Obtain a lima bean.

Step 2) Put it in a wet paper towel.

Step 3) Put the paper towel in a Ziploc Bag.

Step 4) Wait until it grows roots with a stem. The big root coming out of the bean is the stem.

Step 5) Put the bean in the pot. The bean and stem should be facing out of the pot.

Step 6) Water it every day.

Step 7) When it grows flowers it is close to being finished .growing.

Step 8) When the flower dies, a mini seed pod will come out.

Step 9) Wait till the seed pod falls off the stem.

Step 10) Open the seed pod.

Step 11) Now you’ve grown your own Lima beans and can eat them with your favorite foods!