The Growth of Slavery

Skylar Chappell and Marcella Kingman

Colonial America Slave Trade and Growth

how the slave trade started

Slaves first started as non popular trade, but once farmers heard about how they can help and make their crops, field, etc. they rapidly started to sell. The slaves were not only there to work on the field, but they showed the farmers how to grow new crops and produce them. By the time of the 17th century, Francis Le Jau spoke against slavery which was a big help to slow down slave trade.

Other Locations Involved

  • Massachusetts became the first colony to legalize slavery in 1641.
  • Half of the slaves coming to the 13 colonies in the 1700s came to Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Fires begin breaking out in New York, African Slaves were accused and executed.
  • In 1750, Georgia was the colony to legalize slavery.