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SDPBC + Imagine Learning-Language and Literacy

Welcome back to another great year!

Imagine Language and Literacy is an award-winning software program intentionally designed with language learners in mind. We are excited to partner with you in changing the lives of your students!

All ELL students in grades K-8, with an English Language Proficiency level of B, will begin using Imagine Language and Literacy to bridge the oral language and literacy gap.

For more information, please contact your school's ESOL Specialist or the SDPBC Multicultural Department at 561-434-8000

Accessing Imagine Language and Literacy Assessments

As you may have noticed, the login experience in Imagine Language and Literacy has changed! Though we are excited to announce our partnership with Galileo, Palm Beach County teachers and students will not interact with the Galileo assessments this year and access to this tile has been turned off. Please refer to the log in directions linked below. Students and teachers will enter the Imagine Language and Literacy program. See file below for step-by-step login



Eligible students and teachers are automatically rostered through Clever. Students with an ELDC level of B and ELA teachers for students with an ELDC level of B will receive Imagine Language and Literacy accounts. Students and teachers will access Imagine Language and Literacy through Clever.

Accounts for ESOL Coordinators and Contacts were setup for schools that have ELDC / CAT B students. If your school does not have B Level students at this time and they later register, please contact Steve.Tata@palmbeachschools.org to request an ESOL Coordinator/Contact account. ESOL Coordinators and Contacts will access Imagine Language and Literacy by navigating to my.imaginelearning.com and entering username and password. Users may also select "forgot your password?" to receive an email with password reset directions.

Imagine Language and Literacy Overview

Take a brief video tour of Imagine Language and Literacy.

Imagine Language and Literacy Quick Guide

Need to get started, quickly? Click on the Imagine Language and Literacy Quick Guide for program management essentials.

Teacher Dashboard Overview

Click to view the Dashboard tutorial.

Download Resources to Help You Get Started

  • Back to School Teacher Checklist
  • Imagine Language and Literacy Parent letters
  • Class Progress Poster
  • Student Session Tracker
  • How to Enable Student Language Support
Back to School Teacher Checklist

Click to download the Back to School checklist. This checklist will help you navigate your role as you monitor student progress, use data to inform instruction, and ensure students are meeting the weekly usage goal.

Imagine Language and Literacy Parent Letters

Parent letters help you explain what Imagine Language & Literacy is to parents and family members, how students can use it at home, and how parents can support their student's progress.

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