Kindergarten Kibbitz

Mrs. Weiser's Weekly Newsletter

September 21-25


The past two weeks in Literacy we have been exploring wordless books! Our study of wordless picture books will be the foundation for Writing Workshop. We were so pleasantly surprised to learn that we could actually read books that had no words and how much fun it was for each of us to interpret in different ways. We are having a wonderful time sitting quietly and looking at the pictures together while writing our own stories in our heads. Last week we began with reading Pancakes for Breakfast and found it the perfect opportunity to create a shared story based on the pictures. Next, we quickly fell in love with Daisy from A Ball for Daisy. This award winning book helped us understand that all books have a main character, problem, solution, beginning, middle and end. After we identified each of these elements, we did incredible work creating our own Daisy stories In a paper bag book that included a beginning, middle, and end. Finally, we read Flora and the Flamingo. This beautiful book tells the story of a little girl doing her best to become a flamingo and the friendship she eventually builds with the flamingo. We were inspired by the author's unique way of telling the story and created our own flip books of animals copying us!

Word Work

During our word work time we learned about the -op, -og, and -ot word families. Your children are doing an incredible job of "tapping" out the words and also recognizing these words as word families. I've been so impressed how easily your children are sorting the word families into various groups! We also had so much fun taking a "spelling test" with the words (i.e. if you can spell "dog," then spell "log" and "fog.")


In Math, we are finding confidence in our number sense. We are learning how to navigate our way on a 100s chart. We loved playing "Blocked Out," "Number War" and "Penny Sequence" to reinforce number concepts. These skills of familiarity with numbers are very important for your kindergartener, and through lots of practice we are building a strong foundation for their math minds. We also continued to practice proper formation of numbers 5-9. Please continue to practice proper formation at home. You may want to practice outside with chalk, in the kitchen with cool whip or in the bathtub with shaving cream.

Writing Workshop

We officially began our writing workshop program. I am so excited to tell you that after just a few sessions of writing workshop we have 18 incredible budding authors and illustrators! First and foremost, we learned that writers write from the heart and this concept was solidified after practicing the phrase, "Don't know where to start, write from the heart." We learned that we will begin each session with a mini-lesson, have quiet writing time with classical music, and talking and sharing to conclude. We learned that authors have a saying, “When I’m Done, I’ve Just Begun.” This means that authors are never truly done because they can always add more details to their pictures, add more words to their stories or begin a whole new piece.

Reading Workshop

This week we were introduced to reading workshop. We discussed that to become better readers the best thing to do is practice! Our reading workshop time will look very similar to our writing workshop time. It will begin with a mini-lesson, have some independent reading time, and then we will come back together to share at the end. To kick off this new time in our classroom we knew it was important to discuss the rules during independent reading time. We decided to talk about what it will look like, sound like and feel like in our classroom. Everyone knew right away that quiet voices were most important as well as still bodies. We started building our reading stamina by having 3 minutes of quiet reading time. The class spread out all around the room and enjoyed this independent time.

Tzaar Ba'alei Chayim (Kindness to Animals)

We are so excited to let you know that the kindergarteners have voted! As a kindergarten community we have selected the giraffe at Zoo Atlanta and the cheetah at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem to donate our tzedakah. Through your ongoing generous tzedakah donations we will be able to directly impact the quality of our animals' lives. This donation will enable our zoo friends to remain happy, healthy and comfortable.

Thank You

-Thank you to Alexa's mom for being our mystery reader.

Upcoming Dates

-September 30: Alexa's Birthday

-October 2: Simchat Torah Celebration @ 8:15

-October 2: Kindergarten Family Sukkah Lunch @ 11:00